Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Finally managed to get the perspective right!

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  1. It seems you are trying to get there. But are losing a sense of the overall picture.
    Few comments for now. see what you think
    1. It seems that you are trying to achieve effects without metaphors.. taking a bit easy way out. Sky is sky, human is mannequin and so on. Can distance, perspective and scale be achieved with physical metaphors( like the joker or the repetitive patterns on the ground ?)
    2. the ladders and moving planes are great and lend already a sense of scale and distance. can this be more a focus. as i see it, the box would be fantastic mix of different board games with different ground planes. Escher like board games. with the joker as the foreground human like object.

    Dont lose the inital focus of this amazing theme you have. Needs lot more work for tomorrow.