Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mini Brief 1 - Part C

The Puppet Master and His Subject

Held by strings, how strong is his control? He moves your shadow just as easily as he moves you.

Ribbons of his power wrap around you. Information overload. How can you break its grip?

His minions follow, a tidal wave that leaves you breathless.

Detail Images

The devil at your shoulder. His presence is always felt.

The puppet master manipulates his subject as time watches on. How long can this last?

There is no hope, you are captured.

Transit – Andra Antone

Conceptual analyze:

I am interested in the unpredictable; it is the most prolific stage, when everything has the potential of becoming something. Senses sharpen, you perceive gradients more clearly, you respond instinctively, with the fear of a scared cat. No thinking - that is what scares, the fact that there is no time for any analysis. Space and time expand and contract in these key situations, when decisions seem to be forced by external tensions. The result of these unwanted decisions is a schism within the conscious psyche, as if you get something that you never asked for, as if there was too much external pressure. A series of multiple personalities, adapting, changing, devouring, they all rise from the individual in the search for a direction. It is just a matter of settling with the anima and animus. All the decisions that seem unwanted are controlled by the unconscious, which do not necessarily make them reckless decisions. After a while, the decision making process moves from the unconscious to the conscious. That is when you actually feel you understand something from your little mental strike.

It interests me to understand how space perception changes in these situations.

How much tension can you absorb?

How much chaos can you master?

Space-time-psychic analyze of project / Storyboard from 1, 2, 3, 4 to 5

1. Label: beginning, THE beginning – Weather: sharp, looong horizontal line, so much stillness, so much silence, what a white sky - – Mood: confident, stepping in decision, this is the silence of the clean man, who makes his own line there is a beginning and there is an end to all things, everything is CLEAR, CLEAN - Direction: Towards east! There is no mess in the way, and why would there be any, everything has been done the way it was meant to be done. Clock: on time. Things fall into place.

2. Label: under adrenaline we respond quite different/. Mood: things that magnetize fear intensify the fascination. Weather: STRONG, I am being fed so heavily. Direction: everywhere. Knowing the way.

3. Label: the red carpet, the Crossing of The Red Sea ……Weather: dispersion. Direction: things keep coming in the way…..mood - but standing still on both feet. Time: things are wasting my time….get out of the way! There is one way, the ONLY way...leave out.

4. Label: give me a smile! – mood: after a transplant, maybe they got something wrong there, I think….. i’ve just BEEN REPLACED WITH SOMEONE ELSE ….. Weather: fitting within the scenery, the usual, some wind, some sun, some more wind, some more sun, some friends, some lover, some good times and some bad times ….Direction: so sad, very sad, there is no other way, just smile and wave. Direction: Constrains, Everything is going in ONE direction…just not in control of the situation any more.

5 Label: broke my sunglasses…….i don’t dare to ask how that happen…don’t care how that happened. Does it even matter? Weather: drama – Direction: no escape, Mood: help.

6. Label: Bliss. Mood = Weather = Direction. Equilibrium. The state on nothing = the state of everything. Super Label: Sunshine, I just found a new smile….don’t think that the word “sunglasses” has even existed.

Composition and Detail



The Composition in natural daylight
The lighting in this image is to create the focal point on the two performers (knifes)


The objects in the set are creating a scene on a pedestrian street, where the public (larger objects, green and pinky purple ones) have gathered around watching the buskers (two knifes) performing a street dance number with a man on stilts (orange object) who is also a part of their performance.

The street is busy and bustling with many people, families who have come out to catch the sun on a Sunday afternoon. These people create the backdrop of the set, with the performers taking the foreground and being the focal point of the set.

Sidha Mogha


PHOTO 1. The Scissors.
In my script, it transformed from the Feather.

PHOTO 2. The Box with lighting.

I want my objects floating in the box rather than lying on the conrners of the box under the gravity. Also, I made some frames to prsent the hierarchy of this objects, so that they can be read from front to the back.
PHOTO 3. The Landscape Detail.
I placed them like a ring to suggest the hidden relationship between these objects.
I. My five objects basically present a process from nature to artificial, and specifically, technology, life, values. I placed them in a certain order to show this route. The 'Label' is not the beginning or the end. this is the question that I want to explore, because people tend to label everything in order to adapt this changeable world while this action also creating new barriers in some ways. In my script, the Label have the power to change the feather into a scissors. Moreover, there are more questions follow by: how nature label itself? what is the interim between the nature and manmade? etc.
The Feather with strong axial core, weightless feather on 2 sides, presents the fragile nature, which is the starting point of my script. Thought the power of Label, it transform into a heavy scissors, with strong mechanical structure and two sharp wings, showing its disobey and exaggeration. Next comes the computer RAM, with desity and xomplexity of technology, the green penal echo the nature again. These leads to our uncertain life, and future, which is shown by 4 same keys.
II. The objects in a box creats a scene with differernt level changes. The box can be read up side down or left side up, or even facing up. the black panels creats different light level and it leads people enjoy the scene from various angles. Objects are not simply linear relationship, their also exploring the relationship between one stage and another stage.

Part C- 5 objects photographed individually in daylight

Performer 1
Performer 2
Audience crowd 1
Performer 3 ( on stilts)
Audience 2

5 objects photographed in daylight

Sidha Mogha

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Try 2 - 5 Objects - Andra Antone


bottle --> wire – claustrophobic, tight, helpless, endless, persistent, suffocation, density of air, heavy to breath.

hair clip --> balloons – no shape unless there is an applied force, malleable, easy to persuade, yet hopeless………..round-ish, satisfied in their form, relaxed, pushed by an external influence. They brake under the same force that give their shape.

Try 1 - 5 Objects - Andra Antone

1.Matches – mechanism of friction, a violent m
ovement, a movement of consumption, fire, wood, earth, intensity, madness.

2.Bottle - water, thirst, necessity, maintaining the human
3.Video Tape - linear time, makes sens only from one point of view: from beginning to the end, the scenery is set. no option.
4.Glasses, sun glasses - cultural background, fake, need to conceal. open your mind, you will see clearly.
5.Hair clip – human, soul, pretty, coquetry, sexuality, tension, something terribly feminine, in a mean way, it ties the hair up in a tensioned way, exposing a very bare neck, in a very bold way

The hazard - Under pressure - Take a moment and relax….how are you going to survive?.... have a bottle, have two…sink into delusion. SWALLOW. SWELL….. your life rolls before your eyes…..what are you going to do…when your breath goes away. Where to? light a match. No smoking, no drinking. Yet the tension…

Room - Andra Antone

Hello. My name is Andra - Elena Antone, second year student, born and raised in Romania. I was too late to apply for London, therefore I ended up in the WSA quite accidentally, which probably is one of the best, most interesting, most consuming, decision since I left homeland. I live in a student house. When we moved in, my house mates decided for me to inhabit the second largest room in the house, as I do architecture….however, because I do architecture I am never home. Therefore did not develop any feelings of comfort towards that space. My room is north facing, with poor lighting. I avoid it as much as I can. It affects my mood too seriously. It is a nice place to be at evenings, when the colors are bright, stimulating, probably fake……definitely confusing because of a sustainable bulb = energy saving dim light. It awakes a delirious mood= relaxed and energetic, which keeps me awake for too long. That is when I start painting. I like silence, stillness, therefore everything tends to be flat, low, lazy, heavy, with a dropped bed onto the floor.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Box


Matt Smith


The Box

Jihui Cao

Box - Andra Antone

We all made the boxes on Monday. They look quite similar. This is my box....I already dropped it, so it needs fixing.

The Five Objects

Caption: movement and form


And here are my selection of objects, caption: boyhood, nostalgia.
Box is built and photo on its way...

Part A

Hi everybody, here's the photo of my room.

Monday, 26 April 2010


Today i made a box...well actually i just put the screws in the boxes on a kinda production line but i still left with a box...and that was yesturday. Check me objects - caption: cute'n'fluffy

phin harper

Box Made

Canvas for the project

Sidha Mogha

Mini Brief : part A

Preperation Utensils

Sidha Mogha

Sunday, 25 April 2010

5 objects - zoe

morning routine


hi, this is my room on talybont looking rather messy. apologies.



Mini Brief 1 - Part A

Sequence of Movement.

Jihui Cao

image of the 5 objects

Caption: Eat, listen, relax

Sidha Mogha

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Hi everyone, my name is Jihui. I was born in China but have been living in the UK for most of my life. The photograph above shows a corner of my room. I'm currently making 300 tickets for the Eco Ball... So that's what the random bits of paper at the bottom of the photo are!

Jihui Cao