Saturday, 15 May 2010

Presentation Plan and Narrative - Sidha Mogha

Presentation Plan

The presentation will be in first person, so it would be narrated in a specific point of time which will be when I am cooking.

I will have the box against the wall with the light turned on throughout the presentation as I would like to highlight the two different worlds from the beginning.

While I read the narrative I will point to the box as to what is happening in the sequence .


One afternoon when I had woken up late, I went to the kitchen to make lunch, it was clean and spotless. I started to layout the all the ingredients which I needed for the vegetable stir fry I was going to make. The fresh green broccolis, riped red tomatoes, orange bell peppers, long green spring onions and fresh baby corn, spicy green chillis, crisp onions with its layers inside, and a few cloves of garlic broken off from the bunch, soya sauce, mushroom sauce and cornflour mixed with water to make it into a gravy like consistency and lastly I took the rice from the box and poured it out from the box, the dusty yet delicious smell escaped it. As I started to peel the onions and garlic the distinct and strong smell rose and hit me. As I carried on with preparing the ingredients the sweet but slightly spicy smell and the juice of the orange bell peppers flicked at me. Then I started to cut the broccoli into triangular pieces as well as the onions which I diced into small cubes, a similar size and shape to the broccoli and peppers.

Once I had prepared the red tomatoes, green broccoli, orange bell peppers, yellow baby corn, spring onions, onions and garlic. I went and turned the gas on and placed the pan onto it, poured a few teaspoons of oil and let it heat, once it was warm I added the onions, at which instant I could see the smell of the onions rise, as I added the garlic and all the other vegetables along with the mushroom sauce, soya sauce a blend of these smells fused and rose together blending into a world of its own, a world which I would dream to be on, a world which was very different and colourful to the plain world below where I had once stood and created this amazing world on which I now lived.

The smells have created this world for me in which everything seems bright, happy and cheerful, a place created by quality and a unique blend. Through time the smell slowly fragmented away but the world created stayed forever.

Sidha Mogha

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  1. It seems the narrative is quite elaborate now, but just a bit off.
    can the elaboration be more about the connection between the space and the smell rather than just about the cooking. and as well about the stark difference between the whiteness below and the colour above
    for example, the last few sentences is what you should write more about
    'world which I would dream to be on, a world which was very different and colourful to the plain world below where I had once stood and created this amazing world on which I now lived.'

    what is white world? why is it white, dull and clinical? what is this new world? why is it different and colourful, elaborate this much more just the way you have elaborated the variety of cooking and food material you have done? what colours does it get due to the food? is it big, small? what scales? how do you feel in this world? what materials could it have? what textures does it have, do the red tomatoes and green broccoli produce different colours textures and traingular shapes in the new world? does the food lend anything to the materials of this world of smells? make a story of the spaces, not just of the food!!