Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cameron's Prime Minister

Actually I'm a bit further on that these images but these images are most helpful for now. See you tomorrow.


  1. phin, the individual scenes are interesting, and I am pleased to see someone using lighting. Two issues, firstly the box is still very frontal, and doesnt seem to have a life of its own the makes you want to peer in and try and look around, as you said before it is still in 'spice rack' mode. Secondly, the bird, whilst currently looking beautiful, will soon start to rot. Have you factored this in at all? If you have, then be sure to document the rotting in photographs, and perhaps have a strategy for cleaning the box, and replacing the smelly bird by the time of the jury; we dont want to whole room filled with the smell of dead pigeon. If you havent, then make sure it is preserved in a state that wont stink out the final presentation.
    Also, we havent hearda clear narrative from you yet. Please try and have one ready for friday morning.

  2. totally agreeing with Adam on the comments of the piegon.
    However you have begin to get something quite unique and the effects are full of drama with the lights.
    Two comments
    1.Focus on the transitions between your spice racks! Similar to Zoe
    2. the bird although is great, there is still a great spatial absence in its surroundings. its lacking the great big turbine hall effect. The space looks far too small in front of the pigeon. For the cathedral effect, the space needs to be as grand and overwhelming as the object that will be worshipped. What do you think?