Monday, 17 May 2010

zoe text

My alarm clock rings
And I open my eyes
But I am not awake
Not completely.

I drift into the bathroom
Twist the taps of the shower
Wait for the steam
To mist up the mirror.

The sound of the water
Hitting the tiles
My mind wanders
I think about the ocean.

I dry myself
And walk back to my room
Before I can get dressed
I need to choose clothes.

They are cadged in my wardrobe
Fighting for attention
I decide what to pick
And liberate jeanes and a white shirt.

I drift into the kitchen
Boil the kettle
Hot water in mug
Tea bag, milk, sugar, stir.

My first sip of tea
I have been impatient
I burn my tongue
And don’t drink the rest.

Adding milk to cornflakes
In my head it’s a game
The milk to cornflake ratio
Piecing them together.

My cornflakes are finished in 3 minutes
At the bottom of the bowl
Is a small pool of milk
Which I pour away.

I wander back to the bathroom
The smell of shampoo
Has lingered after my shower
Mint an cucumber.

I squeeze the toothpaste
I squeeze too hard
The blue and white stripes
Miss the toothbrush.

While brushing my teeth
I turn on the taps
To help guide the toothpaste
Down the plughole.

Put down the toothbrush
Pick up the hairbrush
I loosen knots with my fingers
Before i start brushing

My hair is a jungle of tangles
The brush gets stuck more than once
More than once

I’m finally ready
To start the day
But still not awake
Not completely.

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  1. and images please Zoe. Put them into this post.
    How long does this take to read out?