Friday, 14 May 2010


  1. Christina,
    I think your photos could be better, they do not do your work justice.
    Try and get the camera to be in-focus, with enough light, and either frame carefully what aspects you want to show, or take a perfectly lit image of the whole thing from front-on. Both preferably.

  2. totally agree with adam here! take good photos! they should look absolutely amazing ( the model is much better than what you show here) and communicate all the hidden things with clarity, effect and atmosphere, not the other way around! See Phins for example.
    Your project is a lot to do with the theatrical effects and make sure that the lighting, the fabric and the characters form an integral part to this.
    can you post by tonight( late is fine) all the below
    1. Your narrative
    2. 2 amazing,seductive close-up shots of the model( in progress is fine) with lights
    3. 1 amazing well-focused shot of the entire box with lights
    4.1 clear in-progress shot of the box without the lights
    5. 1 sketch of what you plan to do with the characters. how are they moving ? what happens to the characters underneath.
    But the project is looking great! cant wait to all the above ! its a lot of work, but i think it will push you to get it produced.