Thursday, 13 May 2010

Story - Andra Antone


Summer Night Dream of a Lunatic / Sleeping disorders


There is a belief in Romanian mythology that relates sleep with the idea of madness. It is said that if you fall asleep under a walnut, the spirits come dancing around the walnut calling your name and stealing your mind, an arm, or a leg. The walnut will feed onto your soul, sucking the life out of you. In reality, the walnut is a very common tree seen everywhere within the hill side. People tend to spend an awful lot of time resting under their shade, due to the refreshing smell. However, because of the summer heath, the walnut leafs emanate too much Iodine into the air, which in turn, inhaled for a long period may cause damage to the brain, that can lead to local paralysis. It is also said that a walnut casts true shade only after 50 years. This also relates to the fact that the shade is felt as being heavier as the essence increases due to aging of the plant.


Lack of sleep leads to fear and anger. The mind eats away, you feel like a moving meat, too sharp, too blank and definitely too heavy. Accidents happen. . There is a certain roughness to the feel, violence in perceiving situations. You accumulate a lot of hater, towards nothing in particular. Sleep is healing. The bosom of the night softens the sting. The mind spills within the light depths of the warm sky. During the process of sleep, the brain recovers, layering everything within the back of the mind. Sometimes dreams are a type of physical self-knowledge. They play an important role in a person’s ability to learn and understand mental or emotional processes.

A deep sleep works towards gaining knowledge, where the interruption of the stream of memory makes it possible for people to come to better ideas of their own selves. Sleeping too long and very deep is a natural trigger for the body when dealing with pressure situations. The mind avoids dealing with mental process in the lucid state of mind choosing to think at a deeper level of consciousness. It also induces a feeling of confusion when awake, as the mind is too lost into its healing process, too sleepy to actually mend towards reality. Some senses fall into confusion, while other sharpen, taking control.


The box presents the story motion of a lunatic, hallucinating in his sleep in a hot summer night. The main space depicts the sick mind, dreaming of the impossible.


During the night, the unwanted sprawls. Life is under the control of impulse, which is much closer to our natural behavior than any rational approach. The night gives more opportunity; the world becomes awake, super-real.

Day time is no place for the weak; however, the night has a different timing, indulging imperfections, even mistakes. The mad lunatic peals off the wall, becoming normal in his mad world. To himself, the mad is the normality. He is now what he wants to be, without much constrains to worry about.

Within the scenery, there is no sense of gravity. There is an absurd feeling of creatures running around, of things relating, but not making sense Reality is dreaming, just below the skin. The matchsticks have a fight over the dinner, when they realize one of them transformed into a weird creature. What is that? Why is it there, is it still the matchstick before, or is it something else? Panic rises in this little domestic paradise. Accidents start happening. Some try to escape, others fall … why do some matchsticks handle gravitation better than the others? It seems like some of them do not fit within the gravitational system, while others just decide to turn in black little creatures….There is definitely something wrong within this world



There is a moment of bliss within those few seconds of uncertainty, when you are not completely sure of what’s going on. Each individual has a “gravitation” to his imagination. If analyzed, the same theme repeats over time, becoming gradually more complex as new motifs are added. The main generator is the way in which the brain perceives the interaction with the outside world. There is a cretin oddness, specific to each individual’s imagination. When there is nothing to relate to, absurd connections strike within a very short, but intense period until a reference point to reality is found. One moment of uncertainty generates a few moments of confusion, where anything works with anything.


The top part of the scene relates to the story I was playing in my last blog with the five objects and the little story about the process of ending up in a situation you do not necessary ask for, with the matchsticks becoming something different, playing multiple personalities and so on. I am not expecting such a decryption of someone who never knew what I was doing. I am more interested in providing a scenario that will intrigue the imagination, more of a smile at this absurd, yet beautiful non-sense. I had some friends saying they see some sort of apocalypse where time is the main destructive force, with everything going wrong. Another person saw some kind of alien invasion, with the black little creatures taking over the matchstick world. At an earlier stage, before setting up the story of the matchsticks and the wooden blobs, someone told me it seemed a bit more clearer, more lighter, that the sense of someone being “lost in space” came across better. But then again, that was just process work, I am not sure what the final output will look like.


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