Wednesday, 12 May 2010


  1. sidha, I cannot tell... are all of these triangles in one plane? If so, I think it would be better if you concentrated on making them bend in space, and create a surface that is volumetric, that has thickness to it.
    In other words treat the accumulation of the coloured triangles more sculpturally.
    Perhaps post some photos from other angles, where you can see the two worlds from other angles, rather than from just front-on.

  2. check these out:

  3. Absolutely agree with Adam on this!
    1.The triangles are to be scattered in 3d space,( like the smell of food). concentrate on creating a 3d volume rather than a just 2d graphic image.
    2.needs more triangles in quantity . too much of white still in the world above.
    3. also do the different colours and patterns on the triangles mean something?
    4. can the triangles fragment more towards the top, dense below and fragments towards the top, like a cloud
    A lot more production is needed. just make more more more( cant emphasise this enough) triangles for tomorrow. For this particular project, though quantity will the character and the mood of the project be stronger !