Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday Progress


  1. Wow! The apple is doing serious damage here :) The space beneath is looking very very interesting with the new added background and foreground details.
    Just quick comments.
    1. Hope you have kept in mind the tension between the soldiers and the space. i am assuming this will be done with the orchard shrapnel.
    2.Also would be good to keep a couple of views in mind other than the front. For example what are the soldiers looking at. 3.Also does the real apple see anything while it goes on doing its damage. Does it have a view like a periscope.
    4. As Adam suggested before, lighting this is going to give a fantastic atmosphere. Cold above and secretive and dim below, I am guessing.
    But overall the progress seems great!

  2. I purchased some more soldiers recently so they will be making a return in the near future! I definitely think a new perspective is required within the box, as well as a few more smaller intimate spaces, and hopefully it won't be so brown by the end. The stairs on the left will actually lead down to the destroyed space on the right, which will be more detailed in the form a smaller room with burnt wallpaper and broken furniture, the area in the bottom left is quite a dead space at the moment, still not sure not to do with it.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. great to see the textures and colours coming back in... any progress with the lighting?