Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mini Brief 02: part 2

Model in Progress
Detail in Daylight
Detail - overexposed to pick out the text more than the construction of it.

What the scene is showing:
The text on the paper reflects the stage of cooking which is taking place in the particular scene. The box has been divided into four scenes reflecting the process/ routine of cooking; clean - prepare - cook - clean. Additionally the neatness and precision usder which I have built the model is to reflect the precision of cooking utensils such as a knife, and the neatness it cuts with.
I ahve used Plain paper as the base for all four scenes because cooking is the addition of spices and other ingredients in a blank bowl.

In the morning when I wake up the kitchen is clean and spotless, Once i go to tmake lunch, I start with lying all the ingredients out on the surface top, and then start preparing the vegetable but peeling and cutting it. The pots and pans are also placed on the table top so I can cook fast.
Moving on after having prepared everything, I cook all the ingredients ot make the dish. Once having cooked and having transfered the food onto plates, I would clean the kitchen and leave it like it was found before visually, but still be able to smell the food.

Sidha Mogha

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