Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mini Brief 02 Part 2

The box in progress.

Desperately he clings on, just a little further and the trophy will be his!

In amongst the brightness of the scene, the Joker cunningly hides his final trick.

The Scene;

This part of the scene focuses on the Joker’s final trick. It shows the richness of the Joker’s chambers, decorated in red, white and black. The back wall is mostly clean and white to allow shadows to be easily seen, but it does exhibit card numbers and suits, a reminder of the Joker’s roots. To the right, the wall displays the rules of the game, always with loopholes to ensure that the Joker wins.

The bright decorations hide a terrible secret. A hatch in the floor, hidden in the checkerboard floor is activated by an inconspicuous black lever. The unfortunate recipient of this treatment will drop into a dark, sooty space below and is forced to restart his journey upwards. Eventually, this area will be sealed off so that other players will not be aware for their fate.

The scene is arranged in a hierarchical manner, with the Joker at the highest point to represent his status within the game.


It’s a long climb to the top, but in the opulence of his royal chamber the Joker rests easy. The wall behind him is adorned with the faces of his past, and to the side a constant reminder to the players just whose rules they are playing by. This fateful space is where the Joker’s final trick takes place, a devastating blow to those who have overcome so many of his obstacles. Hidden amongst the checkerboard is a secret hatch, dropping unfortunate souls into dark depths below. It’s a long way back up, but still they persist.

In the games cupboard, the games are afoot.

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