Tuesday, 11 May 2010


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  1. Sidha,
    This is starting to develop really well. The colours are really giving character already
    few comments.
    1. As it stands now, there are two different forms, one is the ordered one at the bottom and the one floating above is the colourful fragmented one. However, can there be a better way to connect them. as if one the white table is starting to split open to create this triangles above. I am sending a link of an installation i did a few months ago. Could be of some help to see the language
    In here, the triangles begin to start splitting at one end of the corridor. Always emphasise the point where the orderly becomes the fragmented.

    2. in your case, the two worlds are not coming across yet. maybe you have this already sketched out. would be good to see how people are occupying this floating world.

    3. also views other than the front . how are the cloud 9 people(colourful above world) and the clinical people (white ordered world)seeing each other. do they see other at all or do they just gossip ? things like that. see their relationship with each other.
    4. and lastly lights. inverse to matt, maybe yours could be cold beneath and dramatic above.
    need a lot more production but looks so interesting already