Saturday, 15 May 2010

Presentation Plan & Narrative

Presentation Plan;

The story will be narrated in third person, detailing the events from the Joker’s POV, as if the Joker has just woken up and is surveying the progress each of the players has made in the game. I will use lighting to direct the jury around the narrative. The box will start off completely in the dark, and as the narration goes through each of the 5 scenes, strong lighting will illuminate the areas of the box that relate. When each of the scenes have been recounted, a desk light will be used to illuminate the box and all 5 spot lights will be turned on. The scenes will be presented in the order shown below.

I will need someone to stand behind my box to operate the lighting.

A rough narrative is outlined below, they correspond to the diagrams above.


The silent stillness reining over the games cupboard is broken. The Joker awakens and steps from his bed. His royal chamber is opulently adorned in red, white and black, surrounded by reminders of his rules and faces of the defeated. He knows that today will be a good day. As always, he knows that he will always win. From the comfort of this sacred space, the Joker casts a lazy eye upon the players within his game, and nods in satisfaction at the handy work of his most faithful minion. The checkerboard is like an extension of himself, he muses silently, just as evil, just as cunning.

His attention is first drawn to the Five of Hearts. Ah, another victim his own ambitions. In his haste to reach the prize, the Five of Hearts failed to see the secret hatch hidden amongst the checkerboard and thus has fallen into the dark depths below, condemned to start the game from the beginning, or join his brothers in defeat.

A rather more successful Three of Spades is fast approaching the final hurdle. The Joker suffers a moment of anger before remembering that he has an ally in this game. He calls upon his faithful minion and watches with approval as squares twist and rise, engulfing and trapping its latest victim in the confusion of the mirrored room below. The Joker’s shadow is replicated a million times. He is everywhere at once. The Three of Spades cannot find a way out, everything is an illusion.

The Joker would dwell longer on this amusing scene, for he greatly enjoys watching the struggle of the helpless, but a far more intriguing scene is unfolding nearby. The Two of Diamonds is drawn to the light, they always are. It is a mistake that the Joker has seen made many times, but they ever learn, or are optimistic beyond belief. They do not know what lies beyond the light, even the Joker himself does not know. Most have been known to vanish into the brightness and never reemerge.

The only other player left is the Eight of Spades and he is disorientated by the checkerboard. The pattern consumes everything, floor, ceiling and walls until no difference can be perceived between them. Gravity does not seem to adhere to the law of physics. But the Eight of Spades cannot think upon this fact for too long, as the Joker reveals a ray of hope, glimmering in the distance. The Joker laughs as the Eight of Spades struggles to reach this illusion, a false image of the end of the game projected in a never ending black hole. The effort of the struggle is taking its toll and the Joker gleefully observes that all this hardship and suffering will be for nothing.

Not many players are left now, the rest have been worn down and defeated. The Joker likes this game, for he knows that they can never win. Everything is going exactly to plan.

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  1. The story is definitely there now! Make sure its not too long( 10 mins ). rehearse the story and its characters and spaces with the box, images and the book all together and ensure that you can constantly refer the story to elements in the box, book and photos. ( cant emphasise this enough) otherwise people will be distracted or just bored!
    The sketch looks really interesting with all the difefrent perspectives in all these rooms. they give all the physical metaphors like scale, distance, order, disorder that you wanted to achieve. cant wait to see how the card characters are made now and the box with the lighting ( as you have planned in your sketch)