Wednesday, 12 May 2010


  1. zoe, they are very strange, and delicately drawn scenes.
    Could you try to get a little more of the spatial qualities you have in the first photo of the men walking around the alarm clock, into the other scenes, so include more elements arranged in space, rather than just one flat plane?

  2. The scenes are full of character! really like it
    Few comments ( similar to Adam)
    1. The transition between and the scene and the space that surrounds it needs to be delicately balanced. The man walking through the wall achieves that quality.
    2.Similar gestures can be tried where the cereals start running away or breaking out from the scene or something like that
    3. Can the cage break out in space. if it does how would that look?
    Focus on transitions and negotiating the boundaries of the different spatial worlds you are trying to achieve( which are amazing but are seen as isolated pieces for now)!