Saturday, 15 May 2010


Ate the meat and in its place discovered this in-progress information kiosk.


Chapter 8 Verse 1 - 4

On the 8th Day He tidied up.
Everything had its character and its place. There was an
order to things, danger was created but dressed in danger,
joy was created and wore gentle friendliness.
From time to time He came unpon His mistakes. Clustered
anomalies defied His order. Puppies tore the throat out,
Sunsets blinded the eyes. Everywhere dropped honey pot
stiches drew them, in untill it was too late.
In His wisdom He tidied the traps. Locking them for all
time in a crypt none could open. Order was arranged,
catalogued and kept.

Now He is dead. They have killed Him.
Alone they became curious. they began to
explore, stretching out into the unknown
they devised mechanisms and bridges. Tools
to see more than their eyes, tunnels to
dig deeper. They cut into the crypt. They
found a way in.
Time passed as they carreered through the
chambers unware of the danger. Their
activities burnt sensitive white scars
through His worst work. Soon the wonder of
the crypt became all they cared for
studying, preserving and worshiping they
continued to dig.
Each new chamber silenced the imagination
and the pace increased.


For the real deal its all gotta get more matter of fact, an audio guide round the unearthed crypt starting in the top right where the white miners first break into the Roc's chamber. Not everything is understood by the archaeologists but what is, is explained with the clarity of David Attenborough - it seems safe enough.


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  1. Like the narrative. When you read it , make sure you are slow, loud and sounding as you say , ' a matter of fact', as if you are delivering 'THE Message' to the jury. and is it around 10 mins long? also involve all your amazing A3 closeup moody photos as a part of the show.
    kiosk is working better than the meat. I think the depth will help. cant wait to see more!!