Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Try 1 - 5 Objects - Andra Antone

1.Matches – mechanism of friction, a violent m
ovement, a movement of consumption, fire, wood, earth, intensity, madness.

2.Bottle - water, thirst, necessity, maintaining the human
3.Video Tape - linear time, makes sens only from one point of view: from beginning to the end, the scenery is set. no option.
4.Glasses, sun glasses - cultural background, fake, need to conceal. open your mind, you will see clearly.
5.Hair clip – human, soul, pretty, coquetry, sexuality, tension, something terribly feminine, in a mean way, it ties the hair up in a tensioned way, exposing a very bare neck, in a very bold way

The hazard - Under pressure - Take a moment and relax….how are you going to survive?.... have a bottle, have two…sink into delusion. SWALLOW. SWELL….. your life rolls before your eyes…..what are you going to do…when your breath goes away. Where to? light a match. No smoking, no drinking. Yet the tension…

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