Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Room - Andra Antone

Hello. My name is Andra - Elena Antone, second year student, born and raised in Romania. I was too late to apply for London, therefore I ended up in the WSA quite accidentally, which probably is one of the best, most interesting, most consuming, decision since I left homeland. I live in a student house. When we moved in, my house mates decided for me to inhabit the second largest room in the house, as I do architecture….however, because I do architecture I am never home. Therefore did not develop any feelings of comfort towards that space. My room is north facing, with poor lighting. I avoid it as much as I can. It affects my mood too seriously. It is a nice place to be at evenings, when the colors are bright, stimulating, probably fake……definitely confusing because of a sustainable bulb = energy saving dim light. It awakes a delirious mood= relaxed and energetic, which keeps me awake for too long. That is when I start painting. I like silence, stillness, therefore everything tends to be flat, low, lazy, heavy, with a dropped bed onto the floor.

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