Thursday, 29 April 2010


PHOTO 1. The Scissors.
In my script, it transformed from the Feather.

PHOTO 2. The Box with lighting.

I want my objects floating in the box rather than lying on the conrners of the box under the gravity. Also, I made some frames to prsent the hierarchy of this objects, so that they can be read from front to the back.
PHOTO 3. The Landscape Detail.
I placed them like a ring to suggest the hidden relationship between these objects.
I. My five objects basically present a process from nature to artificial, and specifically, technology, life, values. I placed them in a certain order to show this route. The 'Label' is not the beginning or the end. this is the question that I want to explore, because people tend to label everything in order to adapt this changeable world while this action also creating new barriers in some ways. In my script, the Label have the power to change the feather into a scissors. Moreover, there are more questions follow by: how nature label itself? what is the interim between the nature and manmade? etc.
The Feather with strong axial core, weightless feather on 2 sides, presents the fragile nature, which is the starting point of my script. Thought the power of Label, it transform into a heavy scissors, with strong mechanical structure and two sharp wings, showing its disobey and exaggeration. Next comes the computer RAM, with desity and xomplexity of technology, the green penal echo the nature again. These leads to our uncertain life, and future, which is shown by 4 same keys.
II. The objects in a box creats a scene with differernt level changes. The box can be read up side down or left side up, or even facing up. the black panels creats different light level and it leads people enjoy the scene from various angles. Objects are not simply linear relationship, their also exploring the relationship between one stage and another stage.

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