Sunday, 25 April 2010

image of the 5 objects

Caption: Eat, listen, relax

Sidha Mogha

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  1. Sidha,
    thank you for posting, your objects look interesting, although I think you are not doing them justice!
    You were asked to take a photo of them on a white background, which we asked you to do so that the objects would themselves form a context, and that within that context the relationships between them, and what narratives that might imply, would be the focus of the photograph.
    Im sure you can see from your photograph that firstly it is too small to see details, secondly the eye is drawn mostly to the edges of the foamboard and the wires and furniture and floor outside of it, and thirdly the objects dont seem to be ordered with a reason (although perhaps that would change if the photo were framed better).
    Please try one more time.